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Optimales Druck- und Wasserverweildauer-Management in Wasserversorgungssystemen - unter unsicherem Bedarf und flexiblem Elektroenergietarif

TU Ilmenau
Informatik und Automatisierung
2020 - 2023
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Bewilligungssumme, Auftragssumme
298.397,00 €


Drinking water distribution systems are offering services to the public concerning the most valuable food - drinking water. Therefore, in the past decades a large variety of investigations have been performed related to layout, long-term and operational planning, management, security, maintenance, water quality, etc. From the applicants' point of view, the uncertainties in such systems have not yet received the attention it deserves. Generally, in the water sector, the influence of uncertainties has been studied (see below in the state of the art) in different fields, but not appropriate in water distribution systems (WiDSs). In these systems the uncertainties mainly result from the stochastic behavior of the water consumers, but also from other sources like e.g. flexible electricity tariffs and pipe roughness. Due to the fact that WDSs are large-scale systems, they have not been considered under chance (probabilistic) constraints and criterions regarding expectation values and variances. In this planned project, approaches to optimal dayahead operation planning of WDSs under uncertainty will be developed by dealing with stochastic and chance constrained problems, to ensure reliable and profitable of WiDSs under uncertainty.
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