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SPP 1881: Turbulent Superstructures: Koordinationsfonds

TU Ilmenau
2019 - 2022
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Bewilligungssumme, Auftragssumme
394.500,00 €


Large-scale patterns of the time-averaged velocity and temperature fields are found for turbulent convection in a horizontally extended layer. These patterns are termed turbulent superstructures and will be in the focus of the present proposal. We want to understand their dynamical origin from the weakly nonlinear regime, their importance for the turbulent heat transport and model transitions between different superstructure patterns in turbulence. Our investigations are based on massively parallel three-dimensional direct numerical simulations of turbulent Rayleigh-13"enard convection in large-aspect-ratio domains that include very low and high Prandtlnumber cases. In order to answer the questions and to study the long-term evolution of superstructures, we will have to reduce the vast amount of degrees of freedom of the flow. This is done by (1) generafized Markov state models which are based on a long-term low-resolufion flow trajectory in combination with short-term full-resolution ensemble simulations and (2) by (evolutionary) clustering in ensembles of Lagrangian tracer tracks. While method (1) gives transition probabilities between different macroscopic superstructure patterns, method (2) reveals the most persistent and longest-living Lagrangian coherent sets in the turbulent convection flow. The work is conducted together with colleagues from Fluid Mechanics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
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