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Managing green Energy feed-in uncertainty for cost-efficiently reliable power system operation via AC CHance

TU Ilmenau
Informatik und Automatisierung
2022 - 2025
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Bewilligungssumme, Auftragssumme
301.200,00 €


Major environmental concems.have led to a shift in power systems operation management paradigm, from the trad??ional cost versus reliability trade-011·1o th_e tril_emma (balancing cost, reliability, and environmental impact), In the_EU, for around two decades, the wholesale electricity market and the,trans_mission system operation are two separate tasks. The wholesale electricity market determines generator units' scheduling (commitrnent and'.dispatch)·thatminimizes the cost of electricity supply for each period of time (e.g. hour) of the next day. Accordingly, the ECHO project·is concerned with the transmission system operator (TSO)_ task, in day-ahead operation planning, to ensure [letwork operation security forthe next.day. The role of TSO.is to ensure, at least cost;-the security (or operational reliability) with respect to N'.1 contingencies, and·does so for each,generation dispatch cleared by the day-ahead electricity market (e.g. for each hour of the next day). More precisely, the output of ma_rket clearing (generators' dispatch) constitutes an input to the TSO and security-constrained optimal power flow:(SCOPF).
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