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Twinning for Sustainable and Visible Excellence in Screen Media Entrepreneurship Scholarship

TU Ilmenau
Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Medien
2021 - 2024
Europäische Union
Bewilligungssumme, Auftragssumme
119.000,00 €


The objective of the ScreenME-Net project is to enhance excellence in screen media entrepreneurship scholarship at Tallinn University (TLU), to increase its networking position and visibility in this scholarly field, and to ensure sustainability of the impact of this project, mainly through the institutionalization of a screen media entrepreneurship research hub, the so-called ScreenME-Hub, at TLU. In terms of enhancing excellence in scholarship, the project aims at positively impacting all four pillars of scholarship (Boyer, 1990): discovery, integration, teaching and application. The objectives will be achieved through networking and collaboration activities with an interdisciplinary set of internationally-leading research institutions with strong expertise in entrepreneurship teaching and research as well as in various academic disciplines and scholarly areas of high relevance to understanding current dynamics in media industries and their wider societal effects. These partners are: Technical University Ilmenau (Germany, TUIL_IfMK), Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT University (Finland, LUT), Jönköping International Business School and its Media Management and Transformation Centre (Sweden, JIBS_MMTC), Aarhus University (Denmark, AU_CMIP), Cork Institute of Technology and its Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence (Ireland, CIT) and Vrije University Brussels (Belgium, VUB_SMIT). Not only do these partners have a high level of scientific capacity and international reputation, they are also well-integrated into the relevant international research and collaboration networks and have shown excellence in early stage researcher development as well as research management and administration skills. The experience, knowledge and authority of these leading institutions will provide a perfect guide to TLU in achieving sustainable and visible excellence in screen media entrepreneurship.
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