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Akut- und Permanentmonitoring von infektiösen Patienten mit Hilfe eines kontaktlosen, multispektralen, optischen Messsystems

TU Ilmenau
2021 - 2024
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Bewilligungssumme, Auftragssumme
318.883,00 €


NEON - "Acute and permanent monitoring of infectious patients using a contactless multispectral, 3D-optical measuring system" The main limitations and challenges of acute and permanent monitoring of infectious patients using contactless, multispectral optical measurement systems are • the robust detection in clinical and home environments including artifacts from lighting and movement, • the inclusion of health-relevant data (gender, age, previous illnesses, etc.) to analyze the healing process in the clinical setting, • the exact balance between patient benefit and permanent monitoring and collection of health-relevant data. The cooperation of the researchers Notni, Seid 1, Schöbe) and Sutharsan in the field of contactless vital parameter recognition offers the potential to establish acute and permanent monitoring in hospitals and out-of-hospital environments that is both gentle on patients and minimizes the risk of infection. Therefore, the goal is to establish such a system to measure vital parameters (heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, temperature) as weil as including other health relevant data and patient acceptance as part of a multidimensional research project. The main focus of the project partner TU-Ilmenau lies on the multispectral data aquisiton and data processing as weil as for the interfaces for the clinic application.
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